Program Proposal

The Orange Television Network is always seeking new program ideas from the entire Syracuse University community. If you are a student or are on the faculty or staff, you can contribute to OTN. Please fill out the program concept proposal and we'll contact you to discuss your idea. If you have any questions about the program proposal process, please email us at

Program Concept

Working title:


Length of program:

Who would provide content and serve as producer?

Would there be more than one episode?

If so, what would some of the subsequent shows be about:

Please help OTN understand what level of production assistance will be needed to complete this project:

None. I have the experience and equipment to complete this myself.

Some. I have most everything (equipment and experience) needed to complete
the project except for some simple production or post-production needs

Moderate. I have the experience to produce and direct the successful completion
of the project but I need assistance with many production and post-production

Complete. I will need assistance to complete every phase of this project.


Personal Information

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The Orange Television Network will strive to maintain the highest professional standards in program production, content, and television operations. All producers are expected to ensure that the content represents issues fairly, is accurate, and is produced in good taste. The Orange Television Network will adhere to all standing university policies.

All content should comply with the following standards:

  • Materials submitted for distribution on the Orange Television Network should be of high ethical standards.
  • The Orange Television Network will not distribute obscene or indecent material that is patently offensive. Defamatory content made in a maliciously false context intended to ridicule or degrade persons, departments, programs, or entities will not be shown.
  • All programming providers must have permission to use copyrighted material.

For more information on the Orange Television Network guidelines please view the OTN Program Proposals link on the OTN website.