Get Involved

There are many ways you can get involved with student media. You can be a freshman or graduate student, enrolled in ANY school on campus, and no prior television experience is necessary!

If you’re interested in production OTN has a staff of producers that create a variety of shows. Send an email to the General Manager, Andy Robinson, and he’ll send you a description of each show the OTN staff is working on. Find the one that interests you and you can contact the producer directly.

If you have an interest in promotion and social media we’ll put you in touch with our Promotion Manager for more information. Again, send an email to the General Manager, Andy Robinson, and he will connect you.

Original Concept
Do you have an idea for a web series, a short film or TV show? Do you have an idea but don’t have a camera or editing software? Do you have an idea but need some help in pulling it all together? You can click here and this will get you started.

Student Production Groups
There are a few student production groups that are affiliated with OTN.
CitrusTV is the student-run production studio on campus. CitrusTV produces a lot of television. It’s one of the oldest and largest student production groups in the country. Visit their website or their studio which is located in Watson on Waverly Avenue.
Humor Whore produces award-winning comedy TV. If you’re into funny, check out Humor Whore.
Ottonomous Productions is a student organization that specializes in short films. Each semester they sponsor a 24-hour film competition where students write, shoot and edit a film in 24 hours. Winners get a trophy and gift cards to Marshall Street establishments.
Loud and Clear is an award-winning production group that produces music videos. If you have an interest in video or audio this might be a group for you.
WJPZ Z89 is your party station! The student radio station on campus produces 30+ hours of programming a week for OTN.