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July 14, 2015 by Andrew Robinson in

Okay, so it’s a bait and switch. This blog post has nothing to do with Minnions but while you’re here . . .

One of my colleagues here at Newhouse had a very interesting discussion with one of his former students recently about her experiences at college and Newhouse specifically. With school right around the corner I thought I would share what she expressed. I won’t give you her name but she is working in the industry and doing well in, as my colleague puts it, “the wild wooly world of on-line video.” So here goes . . .

I’d like to break down my experience at SU into things I did and things I wish I had a time machine for so I could go back and do them. Make sure you do those things.

Things I did at SU:

  • My senior year, I took an idea from a class and built it into a business model, which turned into a team, which turned into a prototype which turned into winning Rookie of the Year in the state of New York. That class was the most “real life” course I ever took, and everything I learned in that class, has directly influenced my real world career decisions.
  • I met people in different majors and collaborated. There are so many more ideas waiting for you outside your close set of peers. That being said, take courses that break you out of your comfort zone. You’ll stimulate your brain and learn something new.
  • If I clicked with a professor, I made sure to make a friendship out of that. They are often the best mentors, believe it or not!
  • Someone needs help with a project? Say yes. They asked you for a reason, so prove it.
  • Climb the Mount Stairs, even if you don’t live on the Mount. It teaches you character and gives you a sneak-peek of what Kilimanjaro may (or may not) be like.

Things I didn’t do at SU and wish I did:

  • Take more business/entrepreneurship classes. You’re already creative, but how can you build something with that?
  • Utilize the iSchool in conjunction with Newhouse. Combining a media background from Newhouse with the analytics/data/tech/social media side of iSchool makes you a dream come true for any employer.
  • Make it through an entire football game….nah, actually, I’ll still pass on that.
  • I wish I told a lot of Newhouse kids I met to get a grip — meaning that instead of bragging about what internship he/she got through their parents or gloating about the fact that they are a Newhouse student —  I wish I told them to stay humble and work harder. We are all part of a great school and a great ecosystem as proven through the work our alumni and current students put out into the world; let the work you do speak for itself and stop a being show-off. The people who stay humble and put in that extra effort are always the ones who shine via OTHER people speaking about their achievements.

Final words of advice: stay assertive, not aggressive. It’s a fine line in the work and relationships you’ll make, but I think it separates people who are successful from those who are not.

These are the words of a Newhouse student but you can translate these words of wisdom to ANY school at SU. Freshmen move in in just six weeks and the start of a new school year is in sight. I can’t wait.

Andy- The GM