Our Final Four Success!

May 19, 2015 by Andrew Robinson in

I’m disappointed for our lacrosse teams. One disappointment is obvious (the men’s loss) the other not so much.

I watched a few of the men’s games this spring and was impressed. They were a very good team. One that I thought had final four potential. One that I thought had winning it all potential.

But these are the 90’s anymore. The game that saw its birth right here in Central New York and an area that produces some of the finest, if not the finest lacrosse players, has expanded beyond the confines of our part of the country.

As lacrosse became more popular in high schools there were more players to export to other schools. Suddenly Bryant and SUNY Albany had good, if not great, teams.

Bryant? SUNY Albany? Really? And was anyone besides me wondering how the Thompson brothers didn’t come (or want to) to play their game at Syracuse?

So like almost every other team sport in college, the playing field (pun intended) has leveled. It’s tough though because we really needed a Syracuse victory this year especially because of all the lows we experienced with football and basketball. But it was not to be . . .

I’ve been a fan of college sports for a long time and the one thing I’ve come to accept is that all schools, all of them, go through these periods. Success and being on top of the game is cyclical. Well, maybe except for Alabama football.

Anyway . . . so the SU college sports season is done then, right?

Not so fast!

This is my other disappointment. Our women’s lacrosse team is in the final four. Again! They had an up and down season but they worked hard and never gave up. My disappointment lies in the fact that they get short shrift, a passing mention, an “Oh by the way . . .” from the media and that ain’t right.

I’ve had the pleasure of doing a little documentary work on student athletes here at Syracuse and what I can tell you is that the students who play a sport, that has virtually no professional opportunities beyond college, who play for the love of the game and their teammates are to be celebrated. The amount of effort that goes into being a student-athlete is enormous and most people don’t know that. Or care. And that’s sad.

So to see our women excel and reach the pinnacle of their game is exciting and deserves attention, appreciation and a round of applause.

So here’s to you Gary Gait and your wonderful team, you deserve a big thanks and job well done. Good luck ladies and I hope you play well. You have helped make this SU sports season a little easier to take with your success.


Andy- The GM