National Orange Day

March 24, 2015 by Andrew Robinson in

Today is National Orange Day!

But when you Google it, it doesn’t show up so off to the source for all things weird: Wikipedia!

Plug in National Orange Day in Wikipedia and it links to . . . Syracuse University. So National Orange Day isn’t so much a national day as much as it is a celebration of the birth of Syracuse University.

Happy 145th birthday SU!!

And after all the negative publicity with the NCAA and the brutal month of February we all just endured I think it’s fitting that we step back and remember all that is terrific about Syracuse University.

Excellent schools within these ivy walls . . . so many clubs and organizations for students to learn outside the classroom . . . dedicated and engaging faculty . . . staff who support and enrich the learning experience . . . and best of all, alumni who bleed orange!

Happy National Orange Day!

Andy- The GM