There’s something else going on here

March 10, 2015 by Andrew Robinson in

I have never met Jim Boeheim. All I know of him is what I read in the papers, on-line and seeing him at his press conferences. From that perspective Coach Boeheim appears to me to be many things: peevish, condescending towards reporters, blunt, demanding of his players, impatient and thin skinned.

But one thing I can’t see him being is reckless. And this whole thing strikes me as being exceptionally reckless because he has seen this movie before and he knows how it turns out.

Jim Boeheim is not a John Calipari, Larry Brown or Rick Pitino, meaning, the guy looking for the next big deal or crowd adulation. He has professed his love for Central New York and has shown it in many ways not the least of which is his and his wife’s tireless devotion to raising money for cancer research. And he does it without seeking gratitude or applause. As a proud citizen of Central New York I am grateful for families like the Boeheim’s who make our community a better place to live.

Finally, lest we forget, the man has children with his wife Julie and none of them are out of high school yet. By all accounts they are well mannered, bright kids, the kind of kids that would make any parent proud. With virtually nothing to gain except shame I have a hard time thinking he would thumb his nose at the rules and try to game the system for more wins and better recruits and put his family through this.

Should he have done a better job overseeing his team? The obvious answer is yes but the man has kids. I have trouble believing he’d be that reckless to put his kids through the ringer they are about to go through.

Andy- The GM