Not sure it’s ever been better than now

March 3, 2015 by Andrew Robinson in

As we head into the spring break now seems like a good time to reflect on the last few months because when everyone gets back from the break attention spans will grow shorter, seniors will focus on the next phase of their lives and the looming end of year projects, tests and searches for internships will dominate everything.

So the last few months have been, well, interesting? Rewarding? Hectic? Scattered? Busy? Fun? Stressful?

Okay, it was a trick question; it was all of those things.

OTN was supposed to move into the new Alan Gerry Center for Media Innovation in July. That didn’t happen until late September. We were supposed to have our new website on line in the summer too. That didn’t happen until earlier this year. The new server and automation was also supposed to happen in the summer but that hasn’t happened yet but it should be up and running soon.

So there has been a lot going on at a time when it would have been less stressful to do all of that when school wasn’t in session.

But it is what it is.

Meanwhile there has been a station to run and programming and content to create and I must say the students have been productive!

Citrus TV is just flat our kicking butt with new shows and continuation of existing shows. WJPZ has the best morning shows I’ve seen in my 11 years here. They’re all staffed, they’re talented and they’re entertaining. And the producers and promotion staff here at OTN are going toe to toe with all of them.

Vintage Cinema Club is just doing great stuff, Review Crew has been so steady, There’s An App For That has really come on with host Danicia Vargas and producer Kara Stutesman and of course our YouTube team, “Cat & Cassie” have taken their ebullient personalities to create “ExCUSEme.”

And I haven’t even mentioned some of our other programming partners like Humor Whore and Loud and Clear who continue to push their creativity every day. We’re fortunate to have them as partners.

I feel pretty safe in saying that the state of campus television at Syracuse University has never been stronger. The amount of creative content coming from the students is just literally and figuratively, wonderful to watch.

As much as I look forward to the end of the semester for a little quiet time, this year will be different as I will miss all the tremendous energy and creativity come May.

But for now, I’m enjoying it and very glad I’m here to watch.

Andy- The GM