Small Steps

February 3, 2015 by Andrew Robinson in Citrus Tv,

I am a patient person.

I can’t remember when exactly the new studio process started but it’s been at least three years I think, maybe more. I was on the studio committee and I do remember that at first, we just sat around and offered up ideas, things we’d like to see. We talked a lot about the culture, what we do different here and the kinds of things we think are important for our students.

When the school officially hired the architects and design engineers they met with us and listened. They asked a lot of questions. We inspected the their initial designs. They were revised. Many times.

And then the ideas began to take shape, three studios where there once was one. And a second floor with studios too? Yes.

The Dean signed off, done deal, build it.

Fast forward to September 29, 2014. The dedication of the Dick Clark Studios with all the pomp and circumstance appropriate for such an historic event. The studios are open!

Sort of.

Building these kind of projects usually takes longer than what they say. During the build things are discovered things they did not anticipate: asbestos, sprinkler system changes, materials delays to name a few.

But that’s in the rearview mirror because the students at CitrusTV just produced to first real television show out of the new studio complex. Inside Studio D and PCR3, Lindsey Wolfson and Rebecca Raichek produced “Juice & Java” on Sunday February 1, 2015. At 9:00am!

There’s still some work to be done, the studio intercom was out of commission because of some feedback issues and the wireless mic’s had some RF interference and they are still working on some set ideas. But they used another wireless intercom system through OTN, the mic frequency was changed and the producers are calling around to some sign companies for graphic quotes. The show must go on!

So . . . the studios have been christened.

Like I said, I’m a patient person, I’m willing to go through this process if it means that we’ll keep getting that kind of enthusiasm for the students to produce a TV show at 9am on a Sunday morning.

Andy- The GM