Random thoughts

October 14, 2014 by Andrew Robinson in

I really miss Cosmos.

I am finding that I’m not that interested in watching NFL games. I usually tune into the NFL Network around 4:30 to see who won and check highlights.

I still think our football team can turn it around. I really do.

It was really great seeing some former students this past weekend at Homecoming, er, ah, or Orange Central I guess. What does that mean?

I don’t think I’ve had a day off since Labor Day.

Students are still crossing the street against the light, without watching for cars, and not in crosswalks. I know, I’m the guy yelling “Get off my lawn!” but the absolute impervious to harm attitude is just stunning.

I really miss Cosmos.

I always knew my wife had a tough job but I never realized how tough until last week. Middle school teachers are amazing people with what they have to deal with.

I hate to say this . . . I have tuned out the upcoming election. I will vote of course but it has become all so predictable.

I think, for the most part, we have had a glorious fall.

I really admire people who can build things. Having witnessed the construction of the new studios here has been amazing.

Finally, I’m here in the new OTN office. We are about 70% settled in. There are still a few important things to get squared away but I can finally feel like we’re normal. Yet I have to emphasize that we’re inventing a new normal. Some new shows, new staff, new ways of doing things but it’s all good. I have a really good staff and especially good management, let the fun begin.

Oh, and I really miss Cosmos.

Andy- The GM