Farewell from the old office

September 23, 2014 by Andrew Robinson in Uncategorized, OTN Events,

The next time I write this blog I’ll be composing it from the new Dick Clark Studios in Newhouse 2.

How many words are synonymous with excited? Happy, eager, enthusiastic, thrilled, animated, motivated.

Okay, yes to all of those.

The first three years I worked here at OTN my “office” was located inside the old master control room on Newhouse 2. I put up three cubicle fake walls, set up a couple of workstations and called it home. For three years. And of course there were classes going on while I was in there and privacy? Um, yeah, not so much. I had to walk 30 yards to find a window to the outside. Some of my students didn’t like coming in after hours because it was kind of creepy down there.

Then in 2007 I moved to an office of about 400 square feet. It was right off the elevator of Newhouse 2 on the second floor and it was definitely more in the flow of student activity. It was a big step up although I still had to walk about the same distance to find a window to the outside.

Two years later in 2009 I annexed the office next to us and added another 200 square feet. I moved the edit workstations and the graphics station in there. It was also big enough to put up a small green screen. We finally had enough room to breathe.

But nothing compares to this new space. Nothing. It’s slick and state of the art. And out the office door and to the right are two television production studios with their own control room. And on top of all that, all I have to do is lean out my office to see . . . . a window.

Good things come to those who wait.

Andy- The GM