Yeah, yeah I know . . . where the heck have you been?

July 31, 2014 by Andrew Robinson in Uncategorized, OTN Events,

Does the obvious need to be stated?

I have been absent from the OTN Blog for quite a while. And thanks to technology, we know exactly how long; since December 18, 2013.

There are a few reasons for the absence that I won’t go into mostly because they’re boring and it will make it sound like I’m making excuses. So, moving on . . . .

I want to share with you some changes that are happening here at OTN. The first piece of news is that sometime within the next few weeks OTN will be moving into new space in the Dick Clark Studios. That is very exciting. There will be new furniture, new computers and a WINDOW!!! I know that doesn’t sound like something to cheer about but when you’ve been without a portal to the outside for lo these many years, trust me, this is a cause to celebrate. Even issue a stamp. This is big news. I will post another video on the OTN Facebook page of the new space when I get back from vacation the week of August 11th.

Also this fall OTN will be launching a channel on YouTube. We are in the midst of a search for a producer and host to hire on a part-time basis. The details on the channel as far as what it’s going to look like, what kind of content it will have are still being decided but we are pretty stoked about this. Look for it this fall.

Something that is already done is we purchased brand new Mac computers for Avid editing. Both stations have been upgraded to the Symphony option that will offer greater color correction features. And one of the new workstations is a completely tricked out Mac Pro computer with a big new Thunderbolt display. This baby screams, it’s fast. VERY fast! We also added a software package, Boris FX, so this we can liter the OTN screen on channel 2.1 with every imaginable effect television has to offer.

Well there is more to say, after all I’ve been gone for seven months, but I need to save some more news for when I get back. Forgot to mention, I’m going on vacation next week so I won’t be back until August 11th. When I get back I’ll be more diligent on contributing to the blog regularly, liked I used to do.

So have a good week, I’ll be back August 12th with more info on OTN.

Andy- The GM